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Virtual company

Empower businesses developing in the virtual space by creating virtual companies, where professionals can come together in local and international teams. These virtual companies and their clients will exchange P2P services in a faster, more secure, more transparent and more profitable manner.


Blockchain technology is the foundation of a new era in service and product digitization. Using the distributed technology, a new trend is brewing for the development and modernization of society. With blockchain, we can guarantee secure payments and virtual identity, fingerprinted data exchange and smart contract enabled project management.


Using blockchain I.D. systems and histories, the Zoom connect investors, professionals and teams of experts in various areas. By facilitating mediation, ensuring transparent competitive markets, and global management, Zoom creates a large range of advantages compared to the existing business models.


Zoom’s vision is a complete virtual work ecosystem where businesses and freelancers are empowered through totally transparent, secure ledger portfolios. In a single platform, a business can manage their projects and milestones, and outsource parts of or whole projects to the network. Meanwhile, users can view a cryptographically verified profile of their online reputation, including client feedback, un-tamperable resume profiles, as well as a complete history of work completed on the platform.

The ZOOM project seeks to address and optimize the global market for intellectual services by providing a platform which brings together trusted business relationships, efficient planning and a secure payment system, all based on blockchain.

Further, using blockchain smart contracts coupled with our project management interface and a splash of machine learning, (or A.I. if you really want the buzzwords going) we aim to make outsourcing of multi-stage and multi-stakeholder projects simple.

Our vision is a platform that can organically handle outsourcing and project management, adapting as changes are made to projects, by drawing on both local and global talent, connected through the internet, and trusted through the blockchain.

Zoom Platform

Decentralized ecosystem for virtual companies, based on the Blockchain technology, which implements the connection, the communication and the operational process between professionals offering intellectual services, and their clients.

Token timeline
Token sale
Token distribution:
350,000,000 350M
Reward Pool:
Future Funding/Reserve:
28,000,000 28M
Total number of Tokens:
Token sale
Usage of Funds
9,000,000 $9M $
7,000,000 $7M $
2,000,000 $2M $
2,000,000 $2M $
Hard cap (in USD):
20,000,000 $20M $
Soft cap (in USD):
4,000,000 $4M $